How leaders get and keep great employees

Discover “what needs to happen” next to experience repeat business

Are you…

Exhausted from sleepless nights spent tossing and turning because you just can’t get those nagging question out of your mind (“Is this product compelling enough?” “Where the h!$# are my ideal clients hanging out and why can’t I find them?!”)…but you have no idea where to turn for answers

Time and reflection have a funny way of showing you that while you were in the midst of pain, something incredible is happening, but you just don’t know it at the time.

Have you experienced that?

Perhaps you’re experiencing it right now.

You’re in your office, alone. You’ve looked at your numbers – sales, clients and income and you look at your computer screen and wonder…

– What can I do?

– Where can I go?

– Who can I talk to?

– What needs to happen?

I think that last question is one we turn over and over in our heads as business owners.

It’s what we’re thinking about when we’re watching TV with or without our friends and families.

It’s what we’re thinking about as we lay our heads down at night to, somewhat rest.

It’s what we think about as we begin our day.

What needs to happen?

  •  So that you don’t go broke
  •  So that you don’t run out of money
  • So that your spouse or significant other doesn’t think less of you
  • So that you can take care of your family, your mortgage, the bills
  • So that you are making consistent money (like those successful “depressing” people)
  •  So that you don’t fail
  • So that you don’t have to get a j.o.b.
  • So that you don’t have to give up the freedom that’s so close

It’s what can ruin a pleasant Saturday afternoon with friends and family.

It takes over your thinking when you are talking with a potential client.

It interrupts your rest, your focus, your drive time, your reading time, your rest time…and more.

This isn’t what you thought this “freedom” thing was about, when you started it.

Imagine being part of…

Arrow - PurpleA community that has your best interests at heart, and wants to fully support you and see you become a clear and soaring success.

Arrow - PurpleA community that will call you on your “stuff” and support you in taking action, instead of getting bummed out, burned out and bail out on your business.

Arrow - PurpleA community that knows that you can’t go it along – for long – without an ear to listen, a voice of reason, a sanity check and just a pat on the back to keep you moving forward.

Arrow - PurpleA community that tells you why it’s not working – your offers, your promotions, getting leads, prospects and clients, your social media, feeling good about you, your clients and your business.

  “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

Arrow - PurpleA community that doesn’t leave you out there alone, struggling with questions you don’t know how to answer, planning an action that will not give you the result you want.

Arrow - PurpleA community that saves you time in doing research to find what works and what doesn’t; what’s been tried, tested and proven; and why it will or won’t work for you, specifically.

Arrow - PurpleA community that shows you, just by the diversity of its members, that success is available to anyone who commits, engages and takes action.

Arrow - PurpleA community that can actually, and this is one you don’t want to miss, tell you “what needs to happen.”

You will discover a wealth of knowledge that is shared to create faster learning, quicker implementation and an elegance and simplicity in just being a business owner, that comes from a mentor and strong community committed to expanding their businesses.

It is why I wanted to create an “incubator” program, so that each member will bring your ideas, strategies, tips, resources, struggles, challenges and more so that we can nurture and grow you and your business to optimum health and profitability.

The 6-Figure Small Business Incubator™ follows the “classic” model of an Incubator program in that it guides you to experience, in a fail safe and confidential environment:

Arrow - PurpleTo learn proven and tested techniques and strategies to support you where YOU are and as you grow

Arrow - PurpleTest and try out ideas, approaches and get immediate feedback, insight, support and direction to feel confident that you are on the path to success or may want to shift or even abandon the idea before investing too much time, money and effort.

Arrow - PurpleGrow a healthy, strong and vibrant business focused on expansion not stagnation while feeling greater levels of business self esteem and confidence.

Arrow - PurpleYou will feel part of a community, able to connect with others who are committed to expanding their businesses and their impact on their market and the world

The greatest benefit to you and your business is in experiencing the full system and the connection and collaboration of the community to guide you in “what needs to happens…”

For the “unique” small business owner only…

Your opportunity to learn “what needs to happen” awaits at 

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