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A formula to count on


I read a post recently about a guy who felt he failed at 40 and experienced a ton of the same emotions, thoughts and anxiety I’ve felt. It was an amazing feeling to read it.

You often think that you’re the ONLY ONE who has the good, the bad and the ugly as signposts on your journey.

What’s true is that your experience of the same kinds of emotions, thoughts and anxiety are indeed unique…but not uncommon.

That’s a hidden blessing…

Hey, we’re social creatures so we want to have shared experiences, but we want them to be our own, no matter what.

Back to his post, he mentions finding the “code” that helps you to recover from failures that occur in our lives.

I’ve learned after years of study and application of “formulas,” “blueprints,” etc. that one thing in the fine print is so utterly true…”your results may vary.”

That’s code for…you may take the exact same steps, but remember…you’re not me.

So before I continue babbling here, what was the point of this post,  “a formula to count on?”

The formula to count on is…ready for this?

It is the mixture of what you have said, done, asked for, prayed for, looked for, ran toward, run away from, accepted, denied, allowed, etc. all in the name of finding out who you be and are.

You have to return to what lit YOU up, what made YOU happy, what made YOU the person you be and are today…and how those ingredients in the mixture put you back on your way to the next place YOU are meant to experience.

That…is the formula that you can count on…and while it IS a shared experience, trust me — it is all yours my friend.

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