How leaders get and keep great employees

It’s been a long time…

Alone w starry background


It’s not that I went away, it’s that I needed to find a voice…my voice…again.

My focus and interest in doing a podcast went flat and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say about anything, anymore.

The world has changed and the only thing that hasn’t…for me…is my desire to spark the brilliance that is within us all.

My last consulting gig focused on just that…helping sales teams discover what their true spark was and how to use it to be brilliant, great and successful at what they do.

I realized it’s not just about sales teams, leaders, employees, manager or business owners.

It’s the core of who we all are.

We all want to find that spark of brilliance within and bring it out in lives and into the world.

We want this in order to feel whole and amazing…

It’s not easy to do.

Many will say…it’s a waste of time, money and energy best used to do something on their agenda. (which is why they say it)

Well…I will boldly say that I DO have an agenda…and that is to be the spark to light the way for us all to be brilliant and amazing.

What that is or will be is shaped minute by minute, stroke of inspiration by drop of sunshine…

Whatever it is…it’s been a long time…


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