How to get more prospects to talk to you

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One of the best ways to grow your client base is to talk to more prospects. And that's easy, right? Well, sure if you "blanket the earth" or "boil the ocean" as we used to say in corporate. But who has the money and resources of Coke(r) and Pepsi(r)? If you did, I venture to say you wouldn't be spending time reading this. However, even if you did have the time, money and energy to "blanket the earth" and invite more people to talk with you, there is still a critical piece you can't overlook, … [Read more...]

It was something she said…(that took courage)

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When I looked up the definition of courage, I was a little surprised at what it said: The power or quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face danger, fear, pain, difficulty… Why surprised? Because I wondered if more entrepreneurs realized that it’s what really fuels us in our businesses. Whether we’re willing to admit it or not, it’s not as much a matter of what we know or what we do…it’s whether we’re willing to be courageous in our minds and spirit. During a recent private … [Read more...]

Time allocation (it can’t be THAT simple, can it?)

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One of the most precious commodities we have as entrepreneurs is our time. We often talk about it in terms of how much time it will take to do something or whether we "have" the time or not. In fact, as marketers we recognize this dilemma by using words like step-by-step, simple and easy, because we know that time is viewed as a scarcity for entrepreneurs. In fact, one of the greatest math problems I was given to solve as a new entrepreneur was to figure out what my time was worth. Doing "the … [Read more...]

Ask Chris: Am I giving away business?


Q. Chris, I’ve been thinking about offering a program where I show people how to do what I do so that they can do it too. But am I “giving away” business? Signed, Janet A. Let’s start with WHY you want to show people how to do what you do Janet. What inspired you to design this program? - Did someone ask for it or did you decide it “sounded good?” - Perhaps you thought it would:  Add a stream of income for your business by having more arms and legs to deliver your products or … [Read more...]

A trick of the mind revealed (get the fear out of here)

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Are you one of the business owners who think that when they’ve “made it” things will get so much easier? That they will be able to sit back and operate on autopilot in their businesses? That they’ll have it ALL figured out and it will be as simple as having a “thought” and it’s done? If that were the case, there would be no Tony Robbins working with the best of the best – who have achieved the “pinnacle” of their success, yet continue to struggle with getting their head in the … [Read more...]