how to decide when to invest in your growth


Learning new things and from new people is just in my nature. I think it’s what truly has helped me to be successful in my corporate as well as my business career. I have begun following and learning from Eban Pagen ( whose background is internet marketing. But as more internet marketers expand their mindset and “business-set,” they are getting more into business building and coaching, which is why I started paying attention to him. He is currently launching a new … [Read more...]

Stand out this way instead


At a recent conference, I was honored to be one of the speakers amongst a tremendous group of experienced and passionate presenters. Since I was on the third day, I had the pleasure of enjoying all of these wonderful talks. I admit that I was a little concerned about whether I could be as funny, deliver great takeaways or impact the audience as profoundly as those who had gone before me. A few hours before my presentation, I began to wonder how the heck I could get out of it! And then I … [Read more...]

A simple roadmap that will impact your income

When you see entrepreneurs who make high 6 and 7 figures incomes, you may wonder, ”What did they do and how can I do it too?” (Yeah, me too…) I would often look at one of my early coaches and wonder how he made 7 figures with “just” his coaching business. It turned out that he had a lot more going on than what was visible to the naked eye. Now I never saw everything, but I have determined that it was more than just the coaching business…it included sponsorships, speaking, products, consulting … [Read more...]

Spring clean your business


How to Detox Your Small Business in 2014 by Brandi-Ann Uyemura on February 12, 2014 Detox diets are popular among celebrities and the health conscious, especially after holiday binges. Can these periodic “cleanses” be beneficial for businesses, too? Author and small-business consultant Regina Anaejionu thinks so. She observes that “the reason most of us cleanse our bodies is we’ve gradually let in unnecessary toxins and want to get rid of them to achieve optimal health. Our businesses can … [Read more...]

How to do it authentically


While listening to a radio show interview of actor James Purefoy, who plays Joe Carroll in the TV show “The Following,” I was struck by an answer he gave to the question about how he plays such a villain, convincingly. The answer made me think about entrepreneurs who may feel like they have to “be someone else” in order to be successful in their business. There are times when you see someone or read about someone successful, you may wonder if “they’re for real.” I know that I’ve seen a … [Read more...]