Got “down time,” do this


Sometimes, hopefully not often, but sometimes things will slow down in your business. And it can become the best thing to happen for you! That is, if you use the time to your advantage. How? How about investing this “down time” to create more “marketing assets” that you can use for bonuses, products and more that can easily make you more money, create profitable partnerships and potentially lead to your first book! As an entrepreneur, you’re blessed with incredible creativity. Your … [Read more...]

A marketing plan to stay on course


NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) and recently published the results of a survey they conducted of 600+ NAWBO members and their findings were really interesting. An area that was highlighted concerned where women business owners are spending their marketing dollars in 2014. Website – 88% (up 30% from 2013) Social Media Presence – 79% (up 8% from 2013) Mobile Presence – 58% (up 13% from 2013) Ecommerce – 37% (up 6% from 2013) Data courtesy of … [Read more...]

Is it time to step up your game


As experienced entrepreneurs, we stop and take a 35,000-foot view of our businesses and think, “How do I create something bigger, better and more “me.” And we might look around at the activities and achievements of our friends, colleagues, competitors and more and think, “I can do that. But why aren’t I??” As we do for most of our day, to do what they do we must make a decision…and then a commitment to follow through. For example, you decide that you’re going to work with higher level, … [Read more...]

How to grow and scale your business profitably


ASK CHRIS                 This Ask Chris is a bit different from others. While this wasn’t a direct question, it was an outcome of a recent survey and the feedback I received. Q: How do I grow, scale and expand my business, profitably? A: The first step is a simple one. And it is to begin with “simplifying.” Often when we want to grow, we can overwhelm ourselves by thinking… - We have to get more people to help us - We need more technology to expand our reach - We’ll want … [Read more...]

How clarity helped one company beat the big dog


In 1986, Tennessee-based retailer Dollar General clarified and focused on what they delivered and who were their clients. Their strategy was to provide quality products at a low price to a low- and fixed-income consumer. Their competition, Kmart, by contrast, couldn’t seem to decide whether it was focusing on low- or middle-income consumers. Entering the specialty retail market distracted Kmart and resulted in their moving away from its core customer. At the same time they were trying to … [Read more...]

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