How to get in the flow…any time of year


While this question refers to coming "back" to business in the Fall, the answer applies at any time of year...enjoy! ASK CHRIS Q. Hey Chris, now that summer is over it feels like I’m “re-starting” in my business. The summer was great and I took some time off to play and enjoy time with friends and family. But now, ugh, it seems like I’m “pulling the cord on the lawn mower” to get back into it. Any suggestions?  ~ Angela Turner, Health & Wellness Coach A. It’s great that you took … [Read more...]

Eat your own cooking…

Eat your own cooking

For the past 6 months as I worked on a new book project, so many times I bumped up against an inner sadness. I questioned business, my friendships, my partnerships, where I lived, where I spent my time...everything. It had a profound impact on my business, much of which I didn't SEE until I got my year end numbers. I just couldn't seem to get out of this "funk" and didn't know where it came from. But as always, I put on the brave front and went out to network, have fun with … [Read more...]

Webinar: Find your hidden stash of cash


  Yeah, it’s getting close to the end of the year…but wait… There’s still time to use this simple, cool “exercise,” that you can do right now (but not right now because you’re reading), that can help you uncover cash making opportunities in your business, consistently. [I just met a prospect that wants what I can create from my hidden stash…and will pay for it! I’m going to show you how to easily do the same…] It’s simple, straightforward and guaranteed to unearth opportunities … [Read more...]

Facebook KNOWS how to throw a party

Facebook gifts and goodies

Recently, Facebook hosted “Facebook Fit” Making Your Business STRONGER in Austin. They’ve only hosted these sessions in four cities and ALL sold out. For $25 you were invited to a five hour event where they showed you how to effectively use Facebook in your business. But the thing that has everyone who attended “a buzz” was HOW they hosted the event. They held two sessions on one day only. For the morning session, the attendees were provided a boxed breakfast, choice of “swag” bag (tote or … [Read more...]

Ask Chris: How do I get clients?


At a recent luncheon, a lady asked me, "Chris how do you get your clients?" And I said, "Through networking, through my online presence and I have repeat clients who come back to work with me. I also love to speak to get new clients and referrals." But I realized that's not really what she's asking. What she's really asking is, "HOW you get clients." Because when I shared with her a recent "ah-ha"  I experienced she said, "That's what I wanted to know." (Pay attention to the word … [Read more...]

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