Webinar: Find your hidden stash of cash

  Yeah, it’s getting close to the end of the year…but wait… There’s still time to use this simple, cool “exercise,” that you can do right now (but not right now because you’re reading), that can help you uncover cash making opportunities in your business, consistently. [I just met a prospect that wants what I can create from my hidden stash…and will pay for it! I’m going to show you how to easily do the same…] It’s simple, straightforward and guaranteed to unearth opportunities … [Read more...]

Thank you Joan Rivers

Courtesy of thegrapejuice.net

This week we lost an incredible woman, comedienne and one hell of an inspirational entrepreneur. Many will reflect on her impact for women in the area of comedy and that's a phenomenal place to start... What was most inspiring for me, was to watch her reinvent herself,  not only as a stellar comedienne (whether you like her biting sarcasm or not) but as she created a marketing empire as an entrepreneur in her 70's! Like another woman I admire, Judge Judy, you cannot deny their inspiration … [Read more...]

What’s eating you is eating you…


Spin... It's what we can do in our business that keeps us from moving forward as fast as the ideas spin in our heads. When we put a stake in the middle of the vortex to stop the spin, we feel a momentary measure of bliss. It feels good to make a decision. To know what to do next and where to go next is so energizing. But then the doubts creep in. Was it the right or best decision to make? Could it have been a different way that would have been faster, better, more lucrative or … [Read more...]

Are you a victim of plausible deniability?

plausible deniability

If you’ve never seen the movie, Independence Day, you may have missed or overlooked hearing the term, “plausible deniability.” In the movie, the President asks why he never knew that we had aliens at Area 51, his military aide says, “plausible deniability.” Meaning, that by keeping the President in the dark, it gave him the ability to confidently say that aliens didn’t exist if he didn’t know about it. How often do we use this approach in our businesses? We can stick our heads in the sand … [Read more...]

How to resist your sales resistance

Pushing clients away

Many of us resist “stuff” in our lives. It can be going to the doctor for that suspicious pain in our bodies or going to the dentist for a routine check up and cleaning. In our businesses, we can fall victim to the very same thinking. It could be setting up your scheduled to blog consistently, posting your social media updates or having the all important sales conversations that bring in more money to your business. And we KNOW that the resistance is just “fear.” It’s a fear of … [Read more...]