One month down…in the flow yet?

Don't panic copy

Usually at about this point in the year, you’ll be reminded that the first month of the year is behind us. That if you haven’t set a goal, taken action on a plan or gotten busy then you might want to get busy... I know this prodding is meant to get you moving and focused. Yet for me, it always gives me that anxiety in the pit of my stomach. It actually takes me back to my corporate days when the quarterly earnings were being announced and it could mean layoffs or “safety” for some … [Read more...]

How to get your business bounce on

let go by joseph campbell copy

What are you holding on to? If you’re like some entrepreneurs right now, it’s the ledge. Hoping that you don’t fall off the edge because you might not get back up. I know what it’s like…and many of you do too… We build these businesses we love based on what we want to bring to the world or because of the clients we want to help and serve. So the path we take to do so curves and winds…sometimes never getting to the place we intended, but always on to another path. It is just that way … [Read more...]

What differentiates you MOST…


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Eat your own cooking…

Eat your own cooking

For the past 6 months as I worked on a new book project, so many times I bumped up against an inner sadness. I questioned business, my friendships, my partnerships, where I lived, where I spent my time...everything. It had a profound impact on my business, much of which I didn't SEE until I got my year end numbers. I just couldn't seem to get out of this "funk" and didn't know where it came from. But as always, I put on the brave front and went out to network, have fun with … [Read more...]

For a far better 2015…

Everyone w something to say

A pledge for a FAR BETTER 2015... I want you to pledge, right here, right now...     I ____________, promise myself here and now, that I WILL NOT be the same person, doing the same things and being the same way in 2015 if I truly want to have something BETTER for myself, my family and my world. Signed: Date: Why this is important? So that you remember that you CAN have something better if the commitment begins...with you. Awesome beginning to an even … [Read more...]

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