A simple roadmap that will impact your income

When you see entrepreneurs who make high 6 and 7 figures incomes, you may wonder, ”What did they do and how can I do it too?” (Yeah, me too…) I would often look at one of my early coaches and wonder how he made 7 figures with “just” his coaching business. It turned out that he had a lot more going on than what was visible to the naked eye. Now I never saw everything, but I have determined that it was more than just the coaching business…it included sponsorships, speaking, products, consulting … [Read more...]

Spring clean your business


How to Detox Your Small Business in 2014 by Brandi-Ann Uyemura on February 12, 2014 Detox diets are popular among celebrities and the health conscious, especially after holiday binges. Can these periodic “cleanses” be beneficial for businesses, too? Author and small-business consultant Regina Anaejionu thinks so. She observes that “the reason most of us cleanse our bodies is we’ve gradually let in unnecessary toxins and want to get rid of them to achieve optimal health. Our businesses can … [Read more...]

How to do it authentically


While listening to a radio show interview of actor James Purefoy, who plays Joe Carroll in the TV show “The Following,” I was struck by an answer he gave to the question about how he plays such a villain, convincingly. The answer made me think about entrepreneurs who may feel like they have to “be someone else” in order to be successful in their business. There are times when you see someone or read about someone successful, you may wonder if “they’re for real.” I know that I’ve seen a … [Read more...]

The other list that matters

Road to the future

How do you “remember” all of the things you want to do in your life? You know, the “bucket list” of experiences you want to have by a certain time, a certain age or before you “kick the bucket?” There are books about it, movies about it and yet few people I know have this list written down anywhere. Yet as I was recently talking about this very subject with a friend, we could easily peel off the list of places we want to visit one day. For me, I want to see the sunsets in Santorini, Greece … [Read more...]

Income building strategies

Business Money copy

I've often heard it said, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” While I believe we can all change given the right stimulus, the spirit of this statement is true. And how you begin your day can set you up for feeling really good at the end of it. Case in point…do you begin your day with a “to do” or “action” list filled with income producing activities or with administrative items that you think need to be done? It’s easy to add those items to your list because they are a necessary … [Read more...]