How to resist your sales resistance

Pushing clients away

Many of us resist “stuff” in our lives. It can be going to the doctor for that suspicious pain in our bodies or going to the dentist for a routine check up and cleaning. In our businesses, we can fall victim to the very same thinking. It could be setting up your scheduled to blog consistently, posting your social media updates or having the all important sales conversations that bring in more money to your business. And we KNOW that the resistance is just “fear.” It’s a fear of … [Read more...]

Desire + Goal = Increased Sales (quick exercise included)

Remove your money blocks

In business, you set all kinds of goals… They include money goals, client goals, partner goals, program goals, product goals, networking goals, etc. If you’re unsure of what your goals “should” be, you may avoid creating them. And if you know anything about not goal setting, you know that leads to “spinning” in your business. When you have a goal, you know where you are, where you’re going and what the gap is. You don’t have to know how to close the gap because just being aware that there … [Read more...]

Facebook KNOWS how to throw a party

Facebook gifts and goodies

Recently, Facebook hosted “Facebook Fit” Making Your Business STRONGER in Austin. They’ve only hosted these sessions in four cities and ALL sold out. For $25 you were invited to a five hour event where they showed you how to effectively use Facebook in your business. But the thing that has everyone who attended “a buzz” was HOW they hosted the event. They held two sessions on one day only. For the morning session, the attendees were provided a boxed breakfast, choice of “swag” bag (tote or … [Read more...]

Want more sales, protect your confidence

Business friendship

Have you ever walked into a room and just knew...this isn't a sales opportunity? It's just the "vibe" you get of the people, the environment, the way the room is laid out or just a pure "gut" feeling. It's happened a couple of times and I often wonder if it's just me. Am I "blocking" something like f-e-a-r and blaming the colors of the napkins on the table? It's usually when I feel the MOST uncomfortable that something strange happens... I let go and find a way to connect deeply with a … [Read more...]

You CAN have the client at “hello”

Meeting new client

Remember the last time you met a NEW friend? It may have been at a dinner party, BBQ, picnic, networking event, or workshop. Without a doubt, you formed a first impression and decided whether you "liked" this new person, almost immediately. It was then up to them to change how you felt about them. They could say or do something that just "throws you" and you change up how you felt. Would you believe it if I told you that your prospect feels exactly the same way when they first meet … [Read more...]