Thank you for hanging with me


One of the areas that came through loud and clear in the recent survey for building a profitable 2015 included: “What to do each day…” Would it surprise you to know that even when business owners KNOW what to do, they don’t always do it? Yeah, even me. So I know where you’re coming from. I’ve often heard many of my mentors say; “Put your focus on “the fastest path to cash,” and that’s where you direct your energy each day.” Even that can be a challenge if you don’t know where that … [Read more...]

Reju-vacation does a business good


I’ve often heard that gratitude is a “magic” word for your life. That focusing on all that you have to be grateful for can turn things around in an instant. And it’s has proved true for many others and me. However, I find many business owners are mostly thankful when they make a sale, find and take advantage of an opportunity or finish a project or launch. Then they look at what’s next on the to do list, where the next sale will come from, how to mount the next sales/email/marketing campaign. … [Read more...]

The deeper path to more…roadmap included


Entrepreneurs, who have a giving spirit, tend to give our prospects and clients…more. We believe that if we give them our best and our all, then they will have a much better experience or result. We just roll that way… There’s nothing wrong with that…except… If you truly want them to give the very best…you actually have to give LESS. Yes, it’s counter to what you’re thinking but let me explain… When I stepped into my business full time, I offered “VIP” days…and still do. What’s a … [Read more...]

Do not start from scratch, here’s why


If you’re the creative type, you may spend each day thinking of fresh ideas and how they can grow your business. You may have had a recent conversation with a prospect or client and it inspires you to expand your portfolio of offering and services so that you can capture even more business. And while it’s important to remain fresh and current, you actually don’t want to invest a lot of time creating something new. Yeah, it’s hard to hear because you likely think your prospects and clients … [Read more...]

Recycle your hits and misses for consistent cash flow


ASK CHRIS                           So what’s the deal Chris, I spend all this time creating blog posts, marketing on social media, sending emails to my list and networking. I don’t always see the “return” on my time and effort. What am I missing?    ~ Sandra Avery   Hey Sandra, You’re not missing anything, my friend. Everything you’re doing is a clear step toward achieving the goal of reaching more to create more business success. It comes with the territory…so … [Read more...]

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