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Private Consultation

one-to-one-communication-copyI am excited to offer you a complimentary 30 minute consultation with me!

In order for me to make your session a success, please answer the following questions.

This way I can have a basic understanding of your goals and challenges, plus the resources you have available to achieve that which you seek.

This vital (and confidential!) information will help ensure the time we have together is laser targeted towards helping you achieve rapid success.


Your Name

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Please be sure to include http:// at the beginning of your website address.

Please check the things you want to improve in your life or have tried to improve or have improved:

Do you currently have a coach?
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Have you ever worked with a coach?
 Yes No

Please check the things that apply:

Do you have a life partner?
 Yes No


Are you at the weight you want to be?  Yes No
Do you have the employment you want?  Yes No
Are you doing the activities you want?  Yes No
Do you have the relationships you want?  Yes No
Do you have the money you want?  Yes No
Are you in a relationship that nurtures you?  Yes No
Do you have children?  Yes No
Are you spiritually where you want?  Yes No
Are you growing and learning at a pace you enjoy?  Yes No
Are you comfortable with your community?  Yes No
Do you have the health and wellness you want?  Yes No
Do you have hobbies and interests you enjoy and plenty of time for them?  Yes No
Do you have the family relationships you desire?  Yes No
Do you have fulfilling friendships?  Yes No


Do you work too much?  Yes No
Do you work at a job you don't like?  Yes No
Do you have the money you want/need?  Yes No
Are you missing key relationships?  Yes No
Do you feel stressed/worried?  Yes No
Do you have time for hobbies?  Yes No
Are you focused on problems/challenges?  Yes No
Are you a procrastinator?  Yes No
Does it seem you never get what you want?  Yes No
Are you living your mission?  Yes No

Please check those things you do want in six months:


What happens next?

After you click the “Submit” button, I will connect with you via email and provide you with a link to the online scheduler to select a day/time that works for you.

At that time you’ll be given the call information to join me for your complimentary consultation.

I’m excited to meet and talk with you soon!

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