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I believe that leaders and their employees want to be and feel amazing at what they get to do, every day

What makes me tick, is being happy while helping you KNOW how amazing and brilliant you are. You really CAN trust your inner spark of brilliance.

It’s why I enjoy and experience success when working with leaders and their GREAT employees.

In addition, when I can be a part of your team’s transformation is an honor. And…it happens faster than you think.

It may be as simple as rearranging the workspace to encourage more interaction, infusing fun into meetings or giving each employee a chance to share a tip to feel great about what they can share with the team.

When you create the environment for you and your team to be and feel amazing at what you get to do, something magical happens…



Start simply, start smart, connect with me and start now…


chris1Chris believes that leaders and employees want to feel and be amazing at what you get to do, every day. She works with you to attract, retain and engage the best talent for your organization. Her specialties include collaborative teaming and guiding you to lead masterfully. 

Her commitment goes back to her days in corporate, and the private one-on-one conversations with high-level leaders, which reduced their stress, acknowledged their “humanness” and made their success far more effortless.

She brings you more than 25 years of transformative leadership at IBM and unique experiences in executive succession planning, global leadership and talent development across the multiple generations in today’s workforce.

A certified professional coach and master mentor with over 10 years experience working with C-suite executives, organizational leaders and teams, and startups, she is expert at guiding you to make a confident (and less stress-filled) impact in your organization.


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