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Welcome to How Leaders Beat Self Defeat! Podcast

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This weekly podcast is structured to help leaders and corporate professionals overcome self defeating behaviors faster!


In each episode, you will take a trip through history to experience how the “power and influence” you need to be successful can easily be yours.

In less than 10 minutes you’ll receive a strategy to immediately use to energize and uplevel your ability to lead masterfully!

On this page, links to our first episodes…with a link to download and listen, now.

The How Leaders Beat Self Defeat Podcast episodes are released on the BLOG page, every Wednesday at 11am CT and are also available using the following channels: (click the graphic to be taken to the show!)


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Enjoy, share and please let me know your feedback, questions and any insights you gained from the series…you will inspire more topics and greater lessons for us all!





In this Podcast episode of How Leaders Beat Self Defeat, project leader, Lisa, has lost control of her project even before it has begun. What follows is anger, frustration and fear. Listen in and discover the important steps that would have helped her avoid the out-of-scope project she now leads.
In this episode, project leader Lisa, is on a mission to find and partner with a mentor who can help her achieve career success. Follow her journey through the steps to finding a mentor who is right for you.
In this episode, project leader Lisa, selects the mentor for her, but how does she ensure a successful partnership from the start? You’ll learn TWO CRITICAL steps that create mentoring relationships that “deliver on the promise.”
In this episode, you’ll learn the powerful and often confusing difference between a mentor and a sponsor. Most importantly, you’ll discover why you need BOTH for the ultimate in career success! 
In this episode, you’ll get the “insider scoop” on how to find your very own sponsor to advance your career! By the way, one typically doesn’t get access to this information, unless you’re on the top talent or high potential list…so you will discover something your colleagues aren’t privy to…Yay you!
From this episode, you’ll increase your own power & influence when you learn who to ask and how to ask for help to advance your career! When you use this “lever,” ethically of course, you will move people to support and champion you in a way that may seem, well, magical. 
We’ve all experienced the aggressive person in the workplace, be it the boss, your coworker or even a client. How do you “manage” them (and you!) while preserving your career? Listen in for some useful options…

Ready to experience more power and influence in your career? Let’s talk today and change your results, tomorrow…


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