How leaders get and keep great employees


Are you a service professional who yearns to be a Thriving Entrepreneur, leading your high level business and choosing your own income levels?


Are you a coach, consultant, entrepreneur or small business owner who struggles with:

  • attracting clients, consistently…
  • making money, profitably…
  • marketing your business, strategically…
  • Implementing strategies, tactically…


In any event, you’re working, hard to…


  • Shake off the dust and shackles of the “lack” mindset (which can stand between you and entrepreneurial success and eventually lead to ultimate business failure!)
  • Chase the latest marketing strategy and tactic…none of which seems to have any real affect on your business growth
  • Create programs that deliver value at the right price point for profitability
  • Get out on Facebook and Twitter to “do” social media effectively (knowing that if you get it wrong, these otherwise helpful tools can become time-sucking leeches!)
  • And so much more…hoping to beat the statistics and not have to drag yourself back to a j-o-b with your tail between your legs


Aren’t you FED UP…yet?


I have worked with so many business owners who are afraid, tired, frustrated and actually FED UP with not getting the results that they SHOULD have had by now!

Most entrepreneurs are unwilling to “settle” for mediocre success and if your desire is to lead a high level business as a thriving entrepreneur why are you playing small? Why are you “running” in place, now?


I must let you in on a secret…


YES, you can create the business results you are expecting, but it can ONLY happen with the right information, strategies, commitment, dedication, skills and action.

NO, it will not happen overnight or without investing in yourself and your business. (very few “Gurus” will tell you that!)


What if you could…


  1. Be honest about where you are today and what level of business you REALLY want
  2. Use a proven strategy that supports where you are and moves you to the next phase of your skill to run a profitable business
  3. Invest (not spend) your time, effort and money to quickly create the business results you’ve waited far too long to have



With this in mind, here are two steps you can take, right now, that will make a HUGE difference immediately!



First, decide that you will STOP:

– downloading pdfs, mp3s, videos without a strategy to use what you learn

– chasing random prospects instead of attracting ideal clients

– playing small and hiding out expecting prospects to find YOU

Next, decide (see a theme here?) that you will create a different result for yourself and your business by working with someone who has been where you are, invested tens of thousands of dollars to learn from experts and will share that knowledge with you to accelerate your success.


Why am I telling you this?


Because as a former high-level Fortune 20 global leader, I made the transition to thriving entrepreneur with a lot of bumps and bruises. I was impatient and eager to achieve the results I saw others having and I wasn’t willing to wait 5 or 10 years to have it.

Nothing changed, dramatically, until I invested in learning the proven marketing and business building strategies from those who also had been there. And the corporate “tenacity” kicked in, coupled with my depth of knowledge and experience as a businesswoman. And voila!

Sure, you can do it step-by-step, year after year and with time you can see success. But if you are truly a “corporate escapee”, your adrenaline will not allow you to wait year after year.

I know that. I know you. I can help you.


What’s your next step?


Let’s accelerate your success by creating the roadmap that removes the distractions and frustrations and gives you the confidence, control and specific techniques enjoyed by 6 & 7 figure business owners, all during one 45-minute phone call.


How one 45-minute phone call can set you on the path to a 6-figure business!

Here is a sample of what we might cover in our 1 on 1, in-depth strategy session, based on your unique needs:

  • Step-by-step guidance to draw out your current business/marketing approach so we close the gaps that leak time, money and clients.
  • Brainstorm the simple steps that grab the attention and action of your profitable market, partners and support team.
  • Assemble the resources, templates and proven examples that save you time, money and effort to see results quickly.
  • And just by preparing for your 6-figure Marketing Makeover session, you will acquire exceptional insight into your own business that you won’t find available anywhere else.


But don’t just take my word for it…


‘She gave me several action steps that I had not thought of before and gave me several new avenues to attract clients”Chris is a JOY to work with, she listens well and is a wealth of not just good information, but good action steps.  She gave me several action steps that I had not thought of before and gave me several new avenues to attract clients.  She has great energy and is very inspirational, she inspires with her mind heart and soul.   She really cares about her clients first and wants to make sure you get what you need from the conversation.  I highly recommend Chris, I have worked with several coaches over the years and she is definitely one of the best!

Jeanette Chasworth,
Certified Interior Designer and Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist


‘She showed me manageable options for increasing my profits, and in a short couple of weeks, I have seen tremendous results!”I came to Chris when I was at a crossroads in my business. I felt like I was failing and was overwhelmed with how to pick myself up. Chris gave me a fresh look into my business and myself. She never gave up on me. I left our meeting feeling powerful and unstoppable. I have since rebranded my company and have taken my business to new levels. She showed me manageable options for increasing my profits, and in a short couple of weeks, I have seen tremendous results! I’m on my way to my first million. And I KNOW I will get there soon! Thank you, Chris, from the bottom of my heart!!”

Crystal “The Social Strategist”Girgenti



Let me show you EXACTLY how this works:


When you sign up for a 6-Figure Marketing Makeover session, you’ll receive:

– A comprehensive questionnaire whose value alone is powerful in helping you to instantly “see” some of your challenges, gaps and opportunities.

– A link to an automated scheduling system that enables you to schedule your session, at your convenience.

– A laser-focused session where you receive clear, customized strategies and actions that you can take immediately, to see an instant shift in your business results.

For example, we can:

– Create an irresistible offer to attract more clients

– Craft a client-attractive topic / presentation

– Design your online and offline networking strategy

– Develop effective stay-in-touch or follow-up strategies and plan

– A recording of the session so that you can fully engage in the discussion instead of scrambling to take notes, a distraction that could potentially lead to missing a nugget of gold!


The result?

Customized, actionable steps that you can take immediately to close the gap in achieving more clients, more money and greater success in running your unique business.

Resources that will accelerate your success and save you the time of reading PDFs by the truckload, listening to audio program after audio program or watching hour upon hour of video instructions, all while trying to sift through the overload of information to find the answer for your particular business challenge.


What does this mean for you?

  • You achieve 10X the results, faster
  • You save time and effort because I will tell you exactly what you need, to do to close the gap, solve the problem and giving you the resources to do so.
  • You save money because the investment in the 6 Figure Marketing Makeover session will more than return to you with the implementation of the customized solution we create.

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and burning the midnight oil and want to get that nagging issue “handled” once and for all with proven business and marketing techniques, so that you have the business that ROCKS, let’s chat!

*Please note: This is a “no selling zone” program. So rest assured it’s a pure mentoring and collaboration only!

Click the 6-figure marketing makeover button below to and reserve your place today!

Schedule my session with Chris

Yes Chris, I’m ready to FINALLY create the business results
I’ve been waiting for with your 45-minute strategy session.

I want to know exactly, what steps to take so that I can
end the struggle today with a clear result.

“I have a crystal clear vision of how to double my income”I had been struggling with clarity around a problem in my business. Chris’ masterful, yet gentle guidance helped me get clear on the next step I needed to take in my business.

Dr. Laura Dessauer, “The Creativity Queen”
Sarasota, Florida


I am managing a more efficient practice and my patient volume has increased by up to 20%. When I contacted Chris, I was frustrated with the stagnant growth and inefficiency of my practice.  I needed to bring in more patients and improve my business.  
As a result of her VIP Consulting Day and her Private Platinum program, I am managing a more efficient practice and my patient volume has increased by up to 20%.

We have implemented marketing strategies that have increased the visibility of the practice using more online and offline approaches and we have created additional streams of income.

Thanks to Chris’ marketing expertise, I’m looking forward to more speaking engagements, joint venture partnerships, developing specialty offerings and video strategies for patient attraction.

The bottom line is that Chris was able to “roll up her sleeves” and address the unique needs of my practice and help me do whatever it took to improve.

Michael Doyle, MD


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